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Hodgdon Wood Designs LLC

Jarhead Wood Paste

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This product is our specially formulated product that is a perfect middle ground for everyday cleaning and conditioning.  Like the wood wax this provides a lasting finish to any wood surface, but due to the higher oil content it easily absorbs into the wood grains. It can be used on any wood surface not just reserved for Cutting Boards.


We start by using Food Grade Mineral Oil and coconut oil to soak into the wood grain which also provides natural antibacterial properties. Next we melt and combine organic beeswax giving the wood an additional layer of protection against stains and bacteria.  We finish it off with Vitamin E and Lemon Peel Extract, this gives your board a fresh scent and helps to fight off bacteria.  Lastly because I am naming this product line Jarhead in honor of the Marine Corps; I had to ensure it included the tiniest amount of yellow crayon in it (don’t worry it is completely non-toxic and non-staining) which is actually made from paraffin wax.

Proper Use

Perfectly designed for all cutting boards and butcher blocks.  Apply a generous amount ensuring to coat all sides of your wood surfaces. Allow it to penetrate for 2-4 hours and use additional coats if it is absorbed quickly into the wood surface. The oil will soak into the wood, if the board feels wet after a couple hours, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess.  Lastly if extra protection is needed add a coat of a good food safe wood wax like the Jarhead Wood Wax.


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