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Hodgdon Wood Designs LLC

Jarhead Wood Oil (Wood Seasoning Oil)

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This product is our product for deep seasoning of new and old dried out cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden utensils and many other wood products to include kitchen tables and home furnishings .  Like the Jarhead Wood Paste this provides a starting point to our wood care products. This product is designed to work its way deep into the wood pores and fill them.  The Jarhead Wood Oil is the deepest penetrating product we sell for any wood surface making it great for new wood the wood grains. It can be used on any wood surface not just reserved for Cutting Boards.


We use Food Grade Mineral Oil and coconut oil to soak into the wood pores to provide a natural antibacterial barrier deep into the wood. Next we add some Vitamin E Oil and Lemon Peel Extract followed up with organic beeswax giving the wood an additional layer of protection against deep stains.  

Proper Use

Specifically designed for new and old cutting boards.  Apply a generous amount ensuring to coat all sides of your wood surfaces. Add 2-3 coats for new cutting boards allowing each coat to penetrate for 2+ hours, use additional coats as needed. The oil will soak into the wood, if the board feels wet after 6+ hours, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess.  Lastly add a coat of a good food safe wood wax like the Jarhead Wood Wax.


Premium hand selected wood

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